Government Service

First and foremost, I believe that government exists to serve the people and not the other way around! Every interaction citizens have with their government should be oriented to give the best level of service, quickly, painlessly and efficiently. If there’s ever an obligation for a citizen to pay a fee, complete a form or otherwise deal with the county, the onus should be on the government to make it as smooth and simple as possible.


Taxes are a necessary evil in civil society. We all know we have to pay them, but government is obligated to be a good steward of public dollars and only collect what is needed to provide the services the people expect. The taxpayers can’t be viewed as a bottomless pot of money to fund every bureaucratic dream project!


Core services that make everyone’s quality of life, safety and living standards better should be the priority in county government. This is no place for grandstanding and pushing agendas. We need smooth roads with good transportation options, safe neighborhoods, healthy environments, pleasant parks and libraries to maintain communities to be proud of.

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